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 Updated: 23 Jan 2015

Information Handbook for LPA Representatives April 2014

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School Capacity Quick Reference
Section 1 A Quick Reference Discussion
B Quick Reference Table
C Elementary School Boundaries
D Middle School Boundaries
E High School Boundaries
District Contact Information
Section 2 A Contact Information
General Information
Section 3 A General Information
School Board Members
Section 4 A School Board Members
B School Board Member Area Maps
Area Superintendents
Section 5 A List of Area Superintendents Schools
  B Map of Area Superintendents Schools
District LPA Representatives    
Section 6 A School Board Representatives to LPAs
Local Planning Agencies Contacts
Section 7 A Local Planning Agencies Contact List
Proposed Capacity Projects
Section 8 A Proposed Project List
Interlocal Agreement
Section 9 A Interlocal Agreement
School Board District Policies and Procedures
Section 10 A             Board Policy 7110 Package
  B Board Policy 7120
  C Board Policy 7130
  D  Administrative Procedures 7130.01
  E   Administrative Procedures 7130.02
School Impact Fees
Section 11 A Impact Fees Benefit Districts
  B Monthly Impact Fee Collection by Benefit District
  C Cumulative Impact Fee Collections by Benefit District
  D Total Impact Fee Collections by Month
  E District Cumulative Impact Fee Collections
  F Impact Fee Study
  G Educational Facilities Impact Fee Ordinance 8/10/2004
  H Ordinance No. 05-16
  I Ordinance No. 05-29
  J Ordinance No. 10-09
2011 Florida Statutes
Section 12 A   FS 163.3174
  B   FS 163.3177
  C     FS 163.31777
  D   FS 163.3180
  E FS 1013.33
  F FS 1013.35
  G FS 1013.51
  H FS 1013.64
Strategic Plan
Section 13 A Strategic Plan
2011-2012 Student Accommodation Plan    
Section 14 A Student Accommodation Plan

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